Yardmaster Pumps

Reid & Harrison have been in the business of successfully pumping Liquid/Solid slurries for over 50 years.

For non-clogging and minimal maintenance the Yardmaster is Number One !!
One of the most difficult problems put to Reid & Harrison was to shift chicken waste from a nearby chicken abattoir.

The waste, to be pumped by a Yardmaster pump, included chicken feathers, feet, offal and reject whole birds.
The problem was solved by the Heavy Duty Yardmaster with a 150mm inlet delivering through a 100mm outlet hose. The solids were screened off and the water recycled on a daily basis. This difficult pumping operation requires negligible maintenance and blockages are very rare.

This chicken pumping exercise is testimony to the diverse use Yardmaster Pumps have been put to over the years.

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